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Culture and EVPs: What you need to know

Updated: Mar 12

📣 We're having some conversations around Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) lately- the answer to what makes you stand out as an organisation, what you offer to your current team members and future employees, and ultimately what makes your organisation unique.

🤔 But what role does "Culture" play in your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

1️⃣ "Culture" is one pillar of your EVP, often alongside other areas like Comp & Benefits, Work Environment, Growth Opportunities, Wellbeing and many more.

2️⃣ Within "Culture" there are many things that can make you stand out as an organisation... for example are you actually intentional about "culture"? Is your culture powered by purpose & principles? Are you innovative? Visionary? How does this manifest in your behaviours, mindsets, rituals.. lots to explore!

3️⃣ Being able to articulate your unique culture - and what your team members value about it- will not only benefit you as you design your EVP, but also when looking at your Employer Brand- and being able to attract the kind of talent that will add to your organisation.

4️⃣ Lastly, the origins of "culture" are around "care". We predict care (for each other, the community and the planet) will become a big part of EVPs this year and into the future.

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