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Our purpose is to create better workplaces for generations to come. 
Work should be rewarding & fun!

We partner with organisations to
create progressive workplace cultures

We meet organisations at inflexion points, where an intentional focus on culture will make the difference.

We build culture with purpose through...



Cultural Transformation & Design: Bespoke work to map out your current culture, identify gaps and redesign as necessary.


For Leaders and People & Culture (HR) teams.

Why Culture & Why Now?

In a changing world,
Culture is a source of competitive advantage…

of jobseekers say a healthy culture is paramount


of jobseekers would not apply to a company that did not share similar values


of people look at company culture when applying to a job

Culture@Heart facilitated a great 2 days for the team - starting with building awareness of Culture and New Work and the importance of values. There was a mix of theory, practical activities, links between individual & company purpose & values, which helped us to arrive at our Purpose Statement and then also a set of tangible values.


Their style is highly co-creative, engaging and they brought a lot of examples from other organizations to help us understand where we were going. The team was very excited about what we developed

together, and Rike & Meghan helped us come up with a plan to embed them further in the organisation. We also engaged them afterwards to further craft & articulate the actual wording for our Values & break them down in more tangible Principles.    


I would highly recommend Culture@Heart to any organisation looking to go beyond surface level of culture initiatives, to create a meaningful why, and leave lasting impact.”

Managing Partner, Professional Services, Bucharest

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