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Our Team

We are a diverse & passionate team, united by a belief that at the heart of every great company is an amazing culture. Together, we're dedicated to building progressive workplaces where every day is both rewarding and fun!

Our Story

Culture from Day One 

We came together in 2022 with a common purpose to build better workplaces for generations to come. 

With many years of experience in different indrustries like Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Professional Services across the People & Culture spectrum and in many countries throughout the world like Australia, Chile, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK we were lucky to having seen many different workplace and country cultures! 

All these experiences have shown us that 'Culture' is the differentiator when it comes to employee experience, business performance & creating workplaces where people show up energised and excited every day. 


Developing Culture, however, is often seen as a secondary objective or a 'nice to have'; dismissed as something 'too hard' to do or 'too soft' to measure. Culture is complex after all- encompassing everything from leadership behaviours, to how you collaborate as a team, to even if/how many emoji's you use in your slack messages... and everything in between! 


We want to change this.


We believe Culture sits at the heart of both the human experience and business success. Organisations of the future need to be able to intentionally build Culture, and now more than ever is the time to Build Culture with Purpose.  

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