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Elevate your Organisation's Leadership & Culture

Our training and workshops are designed for organisations aiming to strengthen both leadership and cultural dynamics within their teams. Facilitated by experienced trainers, these sessions offer a combination of progressive content, practical application, and an engaging, fun learning experience. Targeted at groups of leaders or entire teams, our workshops deliver results and drive organisational success. 

Advanced Leadership

2-day training

Transform your leadership skills with our focused program, designed to make you a more effective and empathetic leader.


Here’s what the training covers:

  • Authenticity in Leadership: Enhance your leadership by aligning your core values, embracing vulnerability, and deepening self-awareness to lead with authenticity and inspire trust.

  • Cultural and Change Management: Learn to shape a positive organisational culture, manage change effectively, and foster resilience through mindset shifts.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Coaching: Boost your ability to understand and manage emotions to drive team performance, while empowering team members through effective coaching.


Expect to leave this training equipped to drive positive change for yourself and for others. 

Culture 101 

1-day training

Explore the evolving landscape of new work and culture and understand the megatrends shaping our workplaces. Go deeper to learn how to intentionally build culture and why culture is a pivotal factor for organisational success.  

We cover:

  • New Work and Culture: How trends are reshaping work cultures.

  • Why Culture Matters: The significant impact of culture on organisational performance and employee satisfaction.

  • Types of Cultures: Exploring various organisational cultures and their characteristics.

  • Creating Culture: Strategies for intentionally building a positive organisational culture to unleash business success.

  • What Next: Steps to get you started on your journey. 

Psychological Safety

1-day training

Understand the concept of psychological safety, its various levels, and its critical role in fostering innnovation in your organisation through an inclusive environment where team members feel valued and can challenge the status quo. Learn how to create an environment where all voices are heard, diversity of thought and growth mindset is the default.

We cover:

  • Understanding Psychological Safety: The importance and impact on team & organisational performance.

  • Levels of Psychological Safety: From making everyone feel welcome to encouraging challenging discussions.

  • Engagement & Inclusion: Techniques to ensure every team member is heard.

  • Creating a Learning Organisation: Practical strategies to build and maintain a psychologically safe environment.

Leading Hybrid Teams

1-day training

Adapt to the unique challenges of leading hybrid teams with strategies focused on building trust, autonomy, and fostering an inclusive environment across boundaries.


We cover:

  • Hybrid Leadership Differences: Understanding the nuances of leading hybrid teams.

  • Trust & Autonomy: Cultivating trust and autonomy in a distributed setting.

  • Communication and Collaboration: Strategies for effective communication and collaboration in hybrid teams.

  • Cross-Cultural Teams: Navigating the complexities of leading diverse teams.

  • Engagement and Inclusion: Ensuring engagement and inclusion across all team members.

High performing teams

1-3 day workshop 

Enhance your team's productivity, collaboration, and innovation with this workshop. 

We focus on these essential aspects:

  • Building Trust & Psychological Safety: Cultivate a safe environment where every team member feels valued.

  • Effective Communication: Streamline workflows through improved communication and teamwork.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Use diverse viewpoints for better innovation and problem-solving.

  • Conflict Resolution: Encourage open discussions to resolve conflicts constructively.

  • Resilience and Adaptability: Equip your team to handle change and challenges with ease.

  • Goal Alignment: Match team objectives with organizational values for a unified purpose.

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