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Don't Leave your Values on the Wall

"We've defined our purpose & values, but how do we actually make them real in our company?"

This is probably the question I get asked the most at Culture@Heart.

It's a common challenge.

After investing so much time crafting your purpose & values, what do you do next?

This article by Hubert Holy offers some great tips on connecting your team members to your company's purpose.

My top 3:

1️⃣ "Go slow to go fast"- Don't rush in getting your purpose "out there", your purpose should be your forever why. It will wait. We have seen companies rushing to get "a purpose" out there without doing the analytical work behind it, only to change a few months later. Make sure it is rigorous, inclusive, and launched at a point in time that makes sense.

2️⃣ "Have human conversations"- People don't embrace and connect to purpose through posters on the wall or one-off powerpoint presentations, connecting deeply often occurs through personal stories, conversations, and reflection at all levels of the organisation as to what personal purpose means to them.

3️⃣ "Actions speak louder than words"- We all know this one, but it is sometimes easy to forget! Make it easy by translating them from the abstract into more practical terms. Make sure your values are actionable (drill them down into principles), and also observable in the day-to-day.

Lots of other good takeaways in the full article here.

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