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We collaborate with organisations to build progressive work environments, which are intentionally designed to leave a lasting impact.

We help build company & leadership culture from day one to enable organisations to attract, retain and inspire the right talent to give their best. 

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What We Do


We help build organisations with Culture @ Heart from day one.

We can work with you to define your Purpose & Leadership and co-create for exceptional Design & Scale.

We build culture with purpose through...


Spark Workshops: Short workshops for organisations and teams on New Work & Culture to inspire thinking & spark cultural change. 

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Design Core Culture: Define your forever "Why” (Purpose), Values & Principles - really get to the cultural core & authentically define the essence of your company culture.

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Culture for Leaders: Leaders drive Culture and we run workshops to help leaders drive high performing company cultures. 


Teambuilding: A unique take on team building activities – build relationships & get to know each other whilst creating & designing your team culture.


Cultural Transformation & Design: Bespoke work to map out your current culture, identify gaps and redesign as necessary.


For Leaders and People & Culture (HR) teams.

What Problems do we Solve?

Leadership Development Company Germany

How to Transform your Organisation to stay ahead in a Changing World 

Focus: Leadership & New Work

You are interested in transforming your organisation to evolve with ‘new work’ trends. You want to understand more about what these mean and how they could apply to your business. You want your business to stay agile, innovative & at pace.

We work with you to conduct a New Work transformation. We show you the possibilities that come with inspiring leaders around principles of transparency, freedom & autonomy. We will work with your Leadership teams on maintaining an agile mindset, looking inwards at inner work, and understanding how self-responsibility & social responsibility play a role in creating progressive workplaces. 


We discover how Meaning & Purpose-led Leadership can unlock potential and inspire your team members to give their best. 

People & company culture are key drivers to develop a successful organization and business! From my experience, Rike has always played a very important role by helping leaders across all levels to attract great talent, drive the much needed cultural change and build a successful organization.

Frank Hofs- Independent Investor

& former Executive Vice President @ Reckitt

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