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Rituals and the Workplace

❔ Did you know that you can design rituals with purpose? 

❔ Rituals intentionally placed to build or solve specific tensions in your culture?

Rituals are most often seen around the employee lifecycle- welcoming, onboarding, celebrating..showing up in happy hours, welcome lunches etc. But they can be used for so much more! Try using them to meaningfully accelerate cultural transformation, embed your values, reinforce desired behaviours and address any specific cultural tensions you see in your team.

We did a fun 2.5-hour online workshop last week with a team who wanted to co-create some rituals together. We covered:

🌟 The what, why and how of rituals

🤔 Diagnosing the cultural tension they wanted to work on (embedding a positive, learning from mistakes mindset in the team)

🎯 Co-creating a ritual specifically to address this tension 

🎉   .. with a lot of fun and laughter along the way!

Contact us today if you are interested in creating rituals with your team. This 2.5-hour virtual session is a fun & meaningful team-building exercise to co-create unique & memorable rituals as a group.

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