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What's it like to work with us? 

We like to have fun, collaborate with others, and co-create with those that we work with.

This ensures we create bespoke, practical and fit-for-purpose products for our clients

(meaning you actually use them!).  

Our Process & Principles

Leadership Development for Business


We Take a Design Thinking Approach through:

1. Discovery:

A thorough analysis of what is happening in your organisation; everything from what the numbers tells us to how your team members are feeling.  

2. Defining the Problem Statement:

Tightly defining what you want to achieve and what would have the biggest impact

3. Ideating & Prototyping: 

Getting some outside inspiration and co-creating solutions with you. This is often workshop based.

4. Embedding:

Making sure there is a concrete plan to implement your vision!  

5. Evaluating:

Have we made a shift in your culture? Tweaking and adapting as necessary.  

Workshops on Culture


We Walk the Talk..

... and adopt principles of New Work in our own collaborations. We work with trust, freedom and autonomy, as well as encouraging self-responsibility and respect for the communities we operate in.

Business Coach Germany


People & Culture at Heart

Our approach builds on the 'People-First' movement, whereby business leaders care for their team members first and foremost. Even before customers, shareholders, and profits. It means caring about employees and their wellbeing on a very personal level, beyond the superficial perks and benefits i.e. free snacks, foosball tables etc. Happy team members make happy customers, and a brilliant employee experience often mirrors an exceptional customer experience. We will advocate for the people in your organisation to come first, as this is where the magic happens! 

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