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What People Say about Us

"As the CEO of a new EdTech venture that we are spinning off from a 30 year old company, I would have to admit that opening up a conversation about Culture, Purpose, Values and Principles with a brand new team was a little daunting! But actually, talking with Meghan and Rike to design it totally reassured me that it’s 100% the thing we should be doing at this stage. It’s so important to co-create, articulate and own this at the beginning as it has then given us such an edge, alignment and understanding of what we are working towards, and how we will do that together.


Across two days workshops, fun, challenge, tough and inspiring conversations we walked away with much more than our Purpose statement. We walked away with a deep commitment to each other, clarity on the impact we want to create and a connection and bond as a team which would have taken months to create. We are working all our purpose, values and principles into our OKRs, individual goals and performance metrics, messaging and new website. 


Also really loved the focus on New Work, such a refreshing and thought provoking take on the world of work we can create and it’s opened up whole new business opportunities we were totally unaware of. 


Meghan and Rike were such a fab team to work with, a two day workshop was just the start and we are continuing to work with them ahead as we grow and take on new opportunities and challenges."

Andy Coxall, CEO, Common Purpose Student Experiences

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